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It seems like every year that I have worked at this hotel there has been some form of upgrade that we have made to the property. Two years ago we switched out all of the old, boxy televisions in the rooms for sleek, 32" flat screen TV's. This year we have upgraded our internet so that it connects faster and has a better signal throughout the entire hotel. Our old internet service was definitely not providing the level of high quality that we wanted to give our guests, so making this change has improved overall guest satisfaction tremendously.

Beginning next week I am proud to announce that we will be converting all TV channels in the guestrooms and in the public areas of the hotel to High Definition channels. This means the overall picture and quality of each channel will be clearer, brighter and more enjoyable to watch. We have had several guests ask in the past why our hotel didn't offer HD channels, so this will hopefully be a huge improvement to our hotel.

Modernizing the hotel both aesthetically and technologically will help keep our hotel relevant to the modern consumer. At the end of the day it is all about offering the best product and quality of service that we can to our guests. Stay tuned for more changes that could be taking place at our property in the future!

Molly Miller, Sales & Projects Manager


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410 Holiday Court Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Phone: 540-341-3461 Fax: 540-341-1070