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Celebrate Service Week!

There is something very special going on at the hotel this week. It is 'Celebrate Service Week' across all of the InterContinental Hotel brands. This just means that each day we are to take a little time and recognize the hard work and dedication of all our employees.

Each day we have something planned for each of our team members. The first day we celebrated by bringing in deliciously warm glazed donuts and orange juice so that all of our employees could start their day off with a treat. Other days we have individual themes of treats with witty puns attached to them. For example one day we handed out packs of Extra gum with the tag line "You are the difference between Ordinary and EXTRA-ordinary." Other treats include bags of Mounds candy bars with Mountain Dew bottles and the tag line, "Mounds of Thanks for All You Dew" and bags of Goldfish crackers with the tag line, "You are O-Fish-ally An Awesome Employee."

The final day, on Friday, we will have our monthly Team Member Picnic for all of our employees to enjoy. Grilled BBQ chicken, creamy mashed potatoes and fresh green beans will be on the menu for that day. Every month we always try to celebrate the hard work of our team by having luncheons and handing out Team Member of the Month awards. This month it is really great to give an extra thanks to each employee for their hard work and let them know that it does not go unnoticed. Happy and hardworking employees make for a happy hotel!


Molly Miller, Sales & Projects Manager

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410 Holiday Court Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Phone: 540-341-3461 Fax: 540-341-1070